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USD 49.00

Active Threat Preparedness

Active Threat Response

USD 49.00

Active Threat Response for Unarmed Security Officers

This course is designed to give unarmed security officers ideas of how they can help during an active shooter event.

USD 29.00

Conflict Resolution and De-Escalation Techniques

This course will give the learner a basic understanding of how to engage in conflict resolution, and how to de-escalate volatile situations,

USD 49.00

Emergency Preparedness for Security Professionals

This course is designed to give a basic understanding to security professionals about emergency preparedness and their role during emergencies and disaster situations.

USD 59.00

Leadership: Relationship of Command

This course is designed to give an overview of leadership principles to new security leaders.

USD 49.00

Organizational Ethics

This course will cover the main aspects and expectations of ethical behavior in the workplace.

USD 49.00

Workplace Violence Prevention for Managers

This course is designed to help managers identify, navigate and prevent potential workplace violence situations.

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